Silicone Matting

Pink hedgehog style matting for DIN style instrument baskets.

1 metre roll. 10 sections of 245 x 100mm.


“Clean” Tags

Printed green plastic tray tags with cable tie.


“Dirty” Tags

Printed red plastic tray tags with cable tie.


Tray Tags

Coloured plastic tray tags for traceability labels. Available in different colours.

Yellow TAG-015
Red TAG030H4
Light Green TAG022H4
Blue TAG-020
Lavender TAG060H4
White TAG010H4
Tan TAG065H4
Orange TAG025H4
Black TAG-070

Steel Attachment Ring

Steel Attachment ring for tray tags.


Instrument Tray with Mesh Base

Blue plastic instrument tray with mesh base. Available in different sizes.

275x100x30mm MIT2709
200x150x51mm MIT2015
270x150x30mm MIT2715
280x170x55mm MIT2817
300x250x52mm MIT3025
424x305x75mm MIT4030

Plastic Instrument Trays

Plastic instrument trays with either ribbed or plain base. Available in different sizes.


200x150x51mm IT2015
300x250x52mm IT3025
424x305x75mm IT4030


181x134x54mm IT1813
195x135x23mm IT1913
200x150x51mm T2015
270x150x30mm IT2715

Instrument Tray with Perforated Base

Plastic instrument trays with Perforated Base. Available in different sizes.

300x250x52mm PIT3025
424x305x75mm PIT4030

DIN Style Tray

Plastic DIN size instrument tray. Available in different sizes.

255x255x50mm DINT2525
480x255x50mm INT4825

Compartment Tray

Blue Plastic Tray complete with 3 compartments. Available in different sizes.


Compartment Tray

Blue Plastic Tray complete with 4 compartments. Available in different sizes.


Transportation Box

Plastic transportation box with hinges. Available in different colours.

Orange MB2318
Green MB2318G

Instrument Box

Blue Plastic Instrument Box. Available with different type of lids.


Plain Lid IBX2718
Vented Lid IBXV2718

Instrument Box

Natural plastic Instrument Box with lid.


Plain Lid IBXN290

Plastic Lids

Plastic Lids for the trays listed below

IT1813 & CIT1814 ITL181
IT2015 & MIT2015 ITL201
IT2715 & MIT2715 ITL271
CIT2718 ITL281
MIT2817 ITL287
IT3025, MIT3025 & PIT3025 ITL302

Silicone Pad

Pink Silicone Hedgehog matting. Available in different sizes to fit different trays.

½ IT/MIT/PIT4030(280x230mm) CSP2823
½ IT/MIT/PIT4030(270x190mm) SP2719
½ DINT4825(230x220mm) SP4622
Small metal DIN tray(230x150mm)SP1523
Medium metal DIN tray(230x150mm)SP2524
Large metal DIN tray(230x150mm)SP4825

Boxes and Tanks with Strainer.

Boxes and Tanks with strainers, complete with different types of lids. Available in different sizes.

hinged lid, 1 litre(260x130x65mm)DSSW1000
plain lid, 3 litre(257x180x128mm)DSS2711
vented lid, 3 litre(257x180x128mm)DSSV2711
lid and drip tray, 4 litre(426x156x138mm)DSS4215
lid and drip tray, 12 litre(890x200x145mm)DSS8515

Rigid Tank with Lid

Rigid Tank with lid for scopes and long instruments.