Bespoke Baskets and Trinkets


H4 Medical are confident that we can help and support our customers fully when it comes to providing bespoke baskets and in the containerisation of instrument trays. We have provided numerous one-off bespoke instrumentation storage systems, from small fine mesh trinket baskets to large two-tier instrument style baskets with lids. Let us know your requirements so we can provide you with a fit for purpose solution.

Basket Custom made for Air Dermatome Equipment

Replaced a solid sided basket, so that equipment does not have to be removed for washing purposes. Also reduced weight of the tray and reduce the risk of damaging the tray wrap during transport

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Fine Mesh Trinket Box

Designed for small neurosurgical clips the basket is made from stainless steel fine mesh and has a lockable catch style lid.

55 x 33 x 22mm


Wire Mesh Basket with Fittings

This particular basket was made to fit instrument used in a procedure to operate on the Cochlear Nucleus. Silicone fittings have been placed to secure instruments when basket is closed. Made from stainless steel wire mesh with a lockable catch style lid.

180 x 110 x 50mm


Probe Baskets

A newly developed concept to aid the reprocessing of guidewires, this stainless steel perforated basket has a hanging loop and a slide on lid. The basket enables the wires to sit securely inside and allows water and detergents to flow through.

Available In Various Sizes:

350 x 10 x 10mm PRBL350H4

650 x 10 x 10mm PRBL650H4

850 x 15 x 15mm PRBL850H4

Fine Mesh Trinket Box

This trinket box developed to hold endoscopy accessories is made from Stainless Steel fine mesh and has a lockable catch style lid, it also has a small loop which can be used for attaching it to Endoscopes or for hanging in drying cabinets.

80 x 80 x 40mm


Fitted Speciality Instrument Tray

This basket is a fitted Ophthalmic tray. We can modify any instrument tray to hold any instruments (within reason) and provide a basket with lid of any size required.

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Stainless Steel Instrument Tray

Stainless Steel Instrument Basket with Perforated Sides and Straight Wire Mesh Base and Handles.

480 x 600


Clip Holders

Stainless Steel Mesh ball with wire mesh for holding small clips and screws. Available in both small and large.





Large Mesh Balls

Large Stainless Steel Mesh Balls with Wire Mesh for holding Small Clips and Screws